HHF programming is based on an organic mentorship model. This model is distinct from traditional one-to-one mentorship models and is based on our on-the-ground work with local skateboarders.

In our programs we strive to honor the culture of skateboarding by embracing the spirit of freedom, independence, creativity, and spontaneity through which authentic mentorship relationships form organically. Over the years, we have observed local independent skate shop and company owners, local pros and ams, and older more experienced skaters naturally become unofficial mentors to younger generations of skaters.

We feel strongly that relationships that are formed out of mutual love and respect for the culture of street skating, and that are built upon a foundation of shared interests and experience, are authentic, powerful, and sustainable. Therefore, we seek to provide opportunities for youth age 6 to12 to engage in an active and meaningful way with local skaters who have a range of personal and professional experience, and we seek to provide on-going instrumental support to skaters age 13 and up to maximize their ability to act as effective mentors/skate instructors through opportunities for work and personal development.

Our hope is that this mentorship model will help to support a cadre of authentic, credible mentors from within the ranks of local skateboarders who can act effectively as role models while achieving personal and professional success.

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