Skateboarding offers a healthy outlet that diverts youth from gang participation, prevents a sedentary lifestyle, builds character, provides a way to channel difficult feelings, encourages crossing cultural and racial boundaries, and instills a spirit of community involvement, self-efficacy, positivity, and entrepreneurship. It is particularly well suited to youth with emotional, behavioral, and learning issues.

Many of the very qualities, abilities, and characteristics that draw kids to skateboarding also make them vulnerable to a variety of pitfalls. Skateboarders have unique needs that are not adequately addressed by traditional organizations and institutions, which can hinder optimal development of their creativity and innovative spirit. We seek to fill this void by providing services that are specifically and creatively tailored to develop potential through skateboarding.

HHF programs, which are developed in consultation with local skaters, are designed to use skateboarding-related activities to develop and enhance our core values in youth age 6 to 30. Our programs focus on:

  1. Exposing at-risk populations to skateboarding as an alternative to violence, gang participation, and a sedentary lifestyle;
  2. Providing instrumental support, resources, and opportunities for alternative experiential education to those who are already committed to skateboarding so that they can achieve educational, occupational, and personal success.

2013 Programs Video Recap

2013 Fundraising Video

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