HHF Skate Clinics:

HHF Skate Clinics target youth age 6-14 in NYC neighborhoods where rates of disengaged youth and stop and frisk are high. The goal is to engage potentially at-risk populations to skateboarding as an alternative to violence, gang participation, and a sedentary lifestyle. All of our skate instructors (age 18+) and junior mentors (age 13-17) are local skaters who have benefitted from participation in HHF programming.

2013 Mt. Ollie Video:

HHF Skate Trips:

Offered primarily in the winter months, HHF Skate Trips provide former HHF/Woodward scholarship recipients and local skaters with an opportunity to travel to indoor skate parks in the tri-state area where they session with local pros and ams, and have the opportunity to be photographed and/or filmed. Transportation, meals, and chaperone are provided. We hope to eventually expand these trips to include weeklong trips/tours to skate spots in LA, SF, and ATL including limited access skate parks such as the Berrics.

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