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This summer, twenty-one lucky NYC skateboarders went out to Camp Woodward to spend a week skating in one of Harold’s favorite places in the world. This year, for the very first time, HHF sent a camper to Woodward for the Digital Media program. HHF intern Amber Cruceta got to film the rest of the twenty HHF campers which lead to an edit that got Amber Target Camper of the Week! Representing Harold and the foundation to the fullest! Check it out:




Well, we did it again.

Just as we do every year, we sent a few lucky souls to one of the best training grounds in America – Woodward Skate Camp.

Nineteen young NYC skaters piled onto a bus headed for the hallowed grounds and came back a week later with new tricks, new friends, the drive and ability to skate even harder than before.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the madness that went down.

Parental guidance suggested: This video contains graphic images of hot wings and skateboarders having way too much fun

Filmed by Michael Elijah